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Leon Gilbert | Motivational Speaker


Filled With A Childlike Passion. Survivor Of Life-Changing Experiences.

Let’s set the scene.
Little Leon was born in the Caribbean to a family considered ”well off” in his neighborhood. He was the eldest of 4 siblings. Leon found a passion in reading comic books and spent most of his life daydreaming about the world outside the Caribbean.

Leon didn’t fit in well with his friends at school. He was a loner and sometimes bullied. Leon spent his days trying to fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, at the age of 12, he decided to leave home and head to the streets.

Life on the streets was not easy. Soon, Leon got involved with the wrong people. Eventually, he started abusing alcohol and drugs. His lifestyle brought shame to his family. Unable to shake his past he decided to leave his island and head off into the unknown world of his dreams.
But his past never left him.

Growing up, the cunning jaw of depression, alcohol, and drug abuse quickly developed a strong hold on his emotions, hindering forward movement and upward progression in his personal and professional life.
This childhood trauma had a profound effect on Leon and shaped him into the man he is today. Despite the struggles he faced, he fought back. And he won!

Those Formative Years Cut Leon Into A Diamond In The Rough

Though his past is spotted and speckled with adversity, Leon never asked for sympathy because he knew that wouldn’t get him where he needed to be. Instead, he became molded into the best version of himself and began sharing his story with the few.

The few quickly expanded into the many.

Leon transformed both the rewarding and traumatic pieces of his life puzzle into numerous stories he now shares around the world.

With over 20 years of experience in sales management, health and wellness coaching, Leon is a thought leader in business growth by providing team building, communication, sales, health and wellness coaching services to companies.

Leon uses his unique experiences to connect with audiences and inspire them to take action and improve their lives. 

Leon Gilbert Is The Top Choice For Businesses and Brands Everywhere

As a keynote speaker, he motivates, educates, and entertains any audience by opening individuals’ eyes to their own value through storytelling that stimulates.