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Leon Gilbert Motivational Speaking

Is your team’s morale at rock bottom? Do you need a boost that will turn into self-sustaining momentum with the potential to carry on into future months? Motivational speaking is a challenge and art that entails the responsibility of conveying the right message and maintaining a lively conversation with the audience.

It only takes one moment, one phrase, or one action to irreversibly change the course of your life. It is unlikely that anyone is able to fix your business’s problems in 45-60 minutes, but a captivating message will undoubtedly alter your employee’s attitudes and put your company on the first step toward a better situation. Motivational speaking plays a pivotal role in any corporate event or important business scenario.

It is my triumph that I wish to share with your organization. My goal is to motivate, educate, and entertain any audience through stimulating and eye-opening storytelling.

Thankfully, my story of breaking free from a lifetime of adversity and my unique struggles with depression, alcohol, and drug abuse uniquely qualify me to connect with audiences. My passion is to reach people where they are, inspire them to take critical action, and fundamentally improve their lives.
I am a living example of the value of hard work and prove every single day that it is never too late to turn your life around. My unique perspective and speaking skills can help turn challenges and problems into opportunities.

You may be well-loved by your employees, but if you feel like they are getting pretty good at tuning you out, a change of scenery may be what your team needs. Sometimes, you can say the same exact thing time and time again, but until someone else says it, your audience will not understand the concept.

Because of my communication skills and ability to relate with others, I have the capacity to be that outside inspirational influence on your company.

If you are ready to see a change in your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out and put success on your schedule.

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